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The Austrian Alps

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The Austrian province, a long Alpine valley washed by the River Inn, with its breathtaking mountainous landscape, marks the last leg of the road trip. Travelling along roads lined with pine trees, rustic villages and traditional farms, before climbing the steepest peaks, the sporty design of the Alpine A110 Première Edition cuts through the morning mist as it enters the St Johann aerodrome. Two worlds meet on the tarmac, driven by the same guiding principles – aerodynamics and lightness.


A dozen gliders and single-engine aircraft, vintage and competitions models, are pulled from the hangar with wingspans measuring from 15 meters for standard single-seaters to over 25 metres for high-performance two-seater models.

These ethereal machines made from carbon and fiberglass cut a slender, streamlined and lightweight (300 to 850 kilos) figure on the airstrip, capable of launching these broad-winged birds into the sky. As the mist slowly rises, the sunlight lifts the curtain on the surrounding mountains and snowy peaks of the Tyrol like a mirage. It feels like an ideal world, where peace reigns supreme.

The journey through the Tyrollean landscape continues towards the famous Silvretta Alps. After clearing the long mountain tunnels, the Alpine A110 Première Edition ventures onto windier roads. Typical Tyrollean villages with wooden chalets and balconies in bloom, where alpine bells ring clear, emerge from the lush green Alpine pastureland and roads that hug the mountainside. The legendary 22.3 kilometre-long Silvretta road has impressive panoramic views over the region’s peaks, glaciers and reservoirs, its 34 hairpin bends and staggering curves forming a landscape like nowhere else in the world.

Hugging the bends to perfection, the Alpine A110 Première Edition leaves the winding asphalt to climb the summit of the mountain at an altitude of 2,036 metres.

Under radiant sunshine, the shores of the Silvretta-Stausee reservoir – an artificial lake of Veronese-green water, now a magnet for motoring enthusiasts – offers remarkable views over the surrounding ranges.